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May 19 - Continued

We made the 3:25 ferry to Orcas Island in the San Juans, although as a novice ferry boarder, I didn't know that I was suppose to follow the car in front of me onto the ferry even though the woman directing us waved him on, but not me. Finally, she noticed I wasn't moving, and came over & yelled at me. Hey, I'm from New York & this is my first time. If you went onto the Nantucket ferry without being waved on, they would probably shoot you. There are a couple of photos from the ferry ride. The most interesting is on Shaw Island. A group of nuns run the island. They even have the job of connecting the dock to the ferry!

We are camping in Moran State Park. It has well over 100 campsites, most of which are designed for tents. There are over 30 miles of trails, lots of lakes, some waterfalls, and a drive (or hike) up Constitution Mountain. You gain 2000' in a few miles - very steep with lots of switchbacks. The view is amazing from the top. You can see the rest of the Islands, Mount Baker, even Mount Rainier (if it was less hazy).

Well, I'm running on battery power & am down to 36% so I think I'll stop for the evening now. Besides, my fingers are getting numb from the cold. We will be sleeping in long everything we own tonight!

A Seagull at Shaw Island
The View From the Ferry Dock at Lopez Island
Carol & Anne on the Ferry
A Nun Adjusting the Dock at Shaw Island
Sunset From Our Campsite (South Loop #1)
Don & Anne Looking Towards Mount Baker from Mt. Constitution


May 20 - Waterfalls at Moran State Park

It was a bit cool (45 degrees) last night, but we got off the cots & slept on the air mattress, so we were warm. The lake was perfectly flat at 7:00AM. Photo below.

There are pay ( $.50 for 3 minutes) showers at the bathrooms - It takes most of the first 3 minutes to get the temperature adjusted, but there is plenty of hot water. Felt great! After that it was off to photograph the series of waterfalls that run down to the lake. I love images that alter the normal time frame. I know long exposure waterfall photos are overdone, but I don't care, I still like to take them. Some examples below.

After that we went to lunch at the Sunflower Restaurant at the Overland Inn in Eastsound Village, a definite tourist stop - lots of little shops along a couple of main streets. We managed to find the real grocery store a few blocks away from Main Street to buy ice & provisions. After a great vanilla ice cream cone (yes, it got warm today) we headed back to the campground to relax.


The Lake in the Morning
Cavern Falls, Moran State Park, WA
Cascade Falls, Moran State Park, WA
Rustic Falls, Moran State Park, WA


May 21 - Leaving Orcas

We got an early start - up at 7:00 & out of the campsite by 8:45. We are trying to catch the 10:20 ferry to the mainland. We arrived at the dock at 9:30 & the lines are already 3/4 full. I guess it is a good thing we didn't try to "just make it".

Back on the Mainland - Stopped again at the Penguin Coffee House to post this update. Now it's off to Olympic National Park!


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