This page is a collection of links that may be useful to those taking my "Introduction to Digital Photography" class. I will update the links as often as I get a chance, so check back often!

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Some Useful Photo Tutorial Internet Links:

 These links offer tutorials, mostly leaning towards digital photography, but also useful for film. - I posted some photography tutorials atthe RV Net Blog.  Click on the "Photography" link in the Catagories menu on the right. Although I am no longer writing for the site, there is a year's worth of weekly postings available. - A short history of photography with links to more information This is a series of 9 articles on Photographic Aesthetics - This site provides tips, camera & equipment information and post production information. (How to Photograph the Moon) (Dan Heller's site includes tutorials for both photography & the business of photography) A Blog dedicated to Flash & Strobes A Blog for lighting Free Photography software A genral information photography blog that includes links to some useful Adobe Lightroom plugins Many articles on gear & techniques Link to a eBook by Patrick Enders. On Line tutorial "Northern Lights Photography" - History of Photography & More - Basic Photography Tutorial photography publications database


On Line Photo magazines:

     These links are to magazine style web pages.  They are updated at least quarterly and include many useful articles.


Photo Review & Forums:

     These links are to sites that include forums - places where, after joining, you can ask questions.  Reading through the thousands of questions already asked & answered will provide useful information. 


Photoshop Help:

     Photoshop is a complex program.  If you are using it (or Photoshop Elements) these sites will provide help & tools that can improve your work. - While is cost $25.00 per month after a 7 day free trial, the site has many training videos available. 



Free Photo software for Windows:

Google's Picasa (Also available for Mac OS X 10.5+)



The following are available from Graphics Software:

Gimp for Windows



Pixlr Photo Editing Services This site lets you edit your images on line, including resize images for free.

Free Photoshop & Photography Podcasts:

     You can subscribe to these at iTunes (Search for the name) or go to their web page.


Photoshop Killer Tips (
Understanding Adobe Photoshop (

Creative Photoshop with John Reueter (

Photoshop for Digital Photographers (Also Lightroom podcasts) (

Photo Posting Pages:

     Once you have some photos you wish to have critiqued, you can join one of these sites.  They are often free if you post a limited number of images - a small annual fee gives you more space...



For anyone interested in Theatre Photography, specifically production photo calls, I have a link to an article written for a couple of magazines & revised for a 2003 SUNY Oswego Drama Festival. It is getting a bit old, particularly with respect to digital cameras, but does contain some useful information...

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