Nantucket - Thursday, August 15, 2019
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Another nice day on Nantucket. We did our Sconset run, a trip to the far end of the island to photograph some of the cottages in the village. I also took a photo of the merry go round horse at the Chanticleer Restaurant, a horse that my mother painted a number of times.

After that is was a stop at Tom Nevers & the old navel base that has been converted in to ball fields, etc. There is an underground bunker that was built for JFK when he was president. The idea was he would be helicoptered form Hyannis to Nantucket where there was expected to be less fallout form bombing Boston. There is a rumor that it is going to be turned into a museum.

The next stop was the downtown wharf to see the boats & stop for ice cream at the Stars, and Leah's Fudge. We passed up the fudge at $24.99 per pound. The last stop was at the Nantucket Fish & Meat Market for some very expensive swordfish for dinner
Sconset Traffic Circle The Sconset Post Office Sconset Houses Sconset Houses
Sconset Houses Sconset Houses Window Boxes Sconset Houses
The Pump Sconset Houses Horse at the Chanticleer Kennedy's Bunker
A Shuttle Boat Wharf Houses Wharf Houses The Harbor
The Harbor Leah's Fudge    

Dinner was swordfish, rice & asparagus.

Until tomorrow -