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Tuesday, July 31 -Mountain Home KOA, Mountain Home, ID - 234.5 Miles Today, 11,448.3 For the Trip

Another uneventful, photographless (is that a word?) day, although it does make 3 months since I left Oswego. I sure have seen a lot of the country!

I did get up early - might have had something to do with the temperature in the trailer at 6:00AM - 52°F, & 42°F outside. It was a lot warmer when I went to bed! I crawled across the trailer, got out the electric heater & fired it up so by 6:45 it was up to 65F & I climbed out of bed. I was on the road by 7:30AM, and spent almost all of it driving on I 84. There are not a lot of other choices to head towards Arco, ID. I think I will make a quick visit to the Tetons on my way to Colorado. A bit out of the way, but I do like the park...

I stopped for the night at a KOA in Mountain Home. The manager/owner wasn't at the park, but a call on the phone put me in site 9. It is hot! Going from the 40's to 106°F in 8 hours is something I'd rather not do too often. You may notice the refrigerator lower door propped open in the campground photo. It is working, but I've added a furnace filter to the cover to try to keep the flame from blowing out while traveling. I think it helps, but it still blows out some of the time, and when stopped, probably cuts down the amount of cooling air going up the back of the coils. Since it is so hot I decided to prop it open. Seems to be helping - the freezer got up to 17°F while driving & is now down to 14°F and dropping even though the outside temperature has only dropped to 105F.

Site 9, Mountain Home KOA, ID

The plan for dinner is to eat more of the pork loin along with a salad. I couldn't find my current addiction - Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Ice Cream so I'm reduced to Klondike Krunch ice cream bars for desert.

I'll have to decide tomorrow whether it is cool enough to go without hookups at Craters of the Moon, or wimp out & stay at the Carters of the Moon KOA with power for the AC. The Maxx Fan does a great job of keeping the trailer cool as long as it is below 90°F, but if it is well over 100°F, it doesn't cut it!

Until Tomorrow!


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