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Sunday, April 21, 2019 - Greenbelt Park, MD, Day 4 - 0 Miles, 11,316.7 Miles for the Trip

After a walk around the campground & breakfast (an English muffin since the milk finally went bad, so no cereal), I sat outside and read for most of the morning. After lunch I headed to Karin's for an Easter egg hunt. We had a reservation for dinner ( a treat from Brian's aunt & uncle) in Silver Springs at 5:00. While early for most, I prefer eating between 5:00 & 6:00, so it worked out well.

I added some photos I got from Karin, so the days are a bit mixed up:

Jon Bowling Zoe Pam & Brian Zoe
Valerie Valerie Valerie Zoe
Karin, Valerie & Zoe Zoe & Papa Jon Valerie & Papa Jon Dinner

On the 22nd, I added the cell services info for Greenbelt Park: AT&T at -100dBm, 3.2Mbps down & 4.4Mbps up. Verizon was at -104dBm, 10.3 down & 8.7 up, both without an amplifier. An interesting tidbit - while AT&T's speed was not anything to write home about, my phone told my I was on a 5G network, at least at the campground & downtown Silver Springs. At Karin's it was only 2 bars of non identified service.

Dinner was Chicken Parmesan at the Copper Canyon Grill and dessert at Ben & Jerry's in Silver Springs.

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