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Thursday, April 4, 2019 - Henry Horton State Park, Chapel Hill, TN, Day 4 - 0 Miles, 10,522.8 Miles for the Trip

Before breakfast I did my usual walk around the campground, including dropping off a bag of garbage at the only dumpsters, which are located near the entrance. They have recycle stations (plastic & aluminum) at all the bathrooms.

A warm, but cloudy day. Rain is predicted for the next 48 hours, starting this afternoon. I pulled the water line to the trailer, so I would have one less thing to pack up in the morning.

For those interested, I did some checking of the cell & WiFi coverage here at the park. AT&T was at -107dBm, 15.3Mbps down & 9.8Mbps up. Verizon clocked in at -108dBm, and 9.8Mbps down, 4.8Mbps up, both with the outside antenna & Sleek amplifier. The campground has WiFi, with the nearest node about 75' from my location. While I have no way to see how many users are on their network, at 6:30PM, it was running at 4.8Mbps down and 1.5Mbps up.

I also have a shower report. A very high (8') low volume, low pressure showerhead that can't be putting out more than a half gallon per minute, but plenty of hot water. No shelf in the shower, 1 hook in the drying area along with a bench. Clean, but the usual problem of water running under the shower curtain into the drying area, making for a very wet floor. There is heat in the bathrooms, with the thermostat set at 65°F, but since the concrete block construction of the showers & bathroom holds the overnight cold temperatures, it feels colder than 65°F.

I spent the rest of the afternoon inside the trailer reading, paying some bills, and some on line research on the process of switching from my lead acid batteries to lithium. Current book is John Sandford's Twisted Prey, one of his Lucas Davenport series.

Just before the rain started, I saw an unusual trailer a few sites down from me. John & his wife are in a Bowlus, a lightweight aluminum trailer, the first registered in Tennessee. The only front entrance trailer I've ever seen.

A Bowlus Endless Highways


The rain held off until at least dinner time, which was a Healthy Choice Chicken & Vegetable Stir Fry.

Until Tomorrow -


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