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Day 166

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Friday, April 14, 2017, Edgar Evins State Park, TN, Day 6, 0 Miles, 7,417.1 Miles For the Trip

Maybe a little too warm today - the thermometer in the propane tank cover reached 92F. Around 10:00 I decided to do a load of laundry, as well as dump my garbage & recyclables next door to the laundry room. Both machines were in use, but one became available about 1/2 hour after I got there. I got out one of my chairs & sat in the shade of the campground office building.

While waiting for the washer and a turn at the dryers, I met a couple from Canada that had a scary story. As they pulled into the campground their truck died. They managed to pull into a boat storage area with the trailer, and called for a tow truck to haul the truck to the nearest garage. The tow truck driver got the truck on the flatbed & headed out of the campground. He missed a shift, and as he started rolling back down (Remember this campground is carved into the side of a very steep hill) his brakes failed. He managed to stay on the road for about 150', then both trucks ended up in a gully 50' below the road. While the driver didn't get hurt, they still haven't managed to pull either truck out of the gully, it looks like both are totaled.

So, here they are in a different country with no way to haul their trailer home. They are in the midst of sorting out both their & the tow truck's insurance, police reports, and figuring out what to do with the trailer. The campground host towed them to a campsite with the longest break before it is reserved, but that is only until the 24th. If they need a new truck, buying one in the US would be difficult, both because of problem of importing it, and because of the current exchange rate (the Canadian dollar is about 75% of the US dollar at the moment). I wish them luck & wish I could do something to help. Their current plan, once they have a decision of the truck, is to rent a vehicle, drive to Canada & buy a replacement truck, then come back for the trailer. The campground will let them park it in the boat trailer storage area after the 24th.

I did finish my laundry, got it all folded & made the bed, then sat in the shade of the trailer and read - currently Jonathan Kellerman's Over the Edge.

Dinner was P. F. Chang's Orange Chicken. This is one of the meals I only make when there is a campground dish washing sink. The sauce takes lots of scrubbing of a large frying pan which uses lots of water & doesn't fin well in my tiny sink. I wish they made single servings - the standard package is for two, and while I usually eat a bit more than half, there is no was I'd do the whole thing. It doesn't reheat well.

Until tomorrow -


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