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Day 160

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Saturday, April 8, 2017, David Crockett State Park, Lawrenceburg, TN, Day 6, 0 Miles, 7,272.9 Miles For the Trip

Down to 38°F overnight, but nice & toasty in the trailer. I did sleep in a bit longer than usual to avoid going outside in the cold! It warmed up quickly; clear skies & in the high 70's for much of the day.

I walked around the campground, did some reading of forums, blogs & my book until 1:00, then headed to the David Crockett Museum. They have birds of prey in cages out in front of the museum, and a few displays inside. I also stopped again at the waterfall for some filtered photos, but it was crowded; tough to get the waterfall without people.

  Barn Owls  
Great Horned Owl   Red Tailed Hawk  
Barred Owl   Red Shouldered Hawk  
David Crockett Museum
David Crockett Falls     David Crockett Falls

After that it was back to the campground and more sitting outside enjoying the nice weather.

I talked to some friends in Colorado then started a pot pie for dinner.

Until Tomorrow -


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