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Day 117

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Friday, February 24, 2017, Texas Springs Campground, Death Valley National Park, CA, Day 2, 0 Miles, 4,718.3 Miles For the Trip

A warm night - While it was down to 50°F outside, I didn't turn on the furnace, and while it was down to 54°F in the trailer, I was fine under the blankets. It warmed up quickly once the sun came up.

My neighbors in a new Escape 21 dropped off a couple of oranges as they left to head home. After breakfast I drove to the hotel complex & checked the prices for groceries. Good thing I don't need any! I did buy a "T" shirt. The flint knapper was working outside the museum. He was there the last time i visited in 2014, and gave an interesting demonstration of the process of making knives & arrowheads from flint & obsidian. I checked out the mineral exhibits inside the museum, and the stuff outside.

After that I drove to the Mesquite Campground just to see what it was like. Lots of open sites, since Scotty's Castle is closed, and there isn't much else in the area.

After that I took a photo from the front of the hotel. The single image is OK, but the panorama includes a parking lot campground that is called Sunset Campground.

Across the Road The Museum
The Museum
The Museum The Museum The Knapper  
Panorama From the Front of the Furnace Creek Ranch Hotel (Large JPG (5.2MB)

Dinner will be left over chicken flavored fried rice & a chicken Parmesan.

Until Tomorrow -


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