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Day 84

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Sunday, January 22, 2017, La Posa West, Quartzsite AZ, Day 27, 0 Miles, 3,991.7 Miles For the Trip

Another cool day at Quartzsite. A short burst of light rain this morning, but there was enough sun to make back the electricity I used overnight. After my walk for coffee & breakfast, reading blogs & forums, I did some soldering to repair a 12V to USB adapter. Annoying, because it was $30.00. The good part is it supplied enough current to charge an iPad, which takes 2 amps (in fact, it will do two of them) but the wire to the ground fell off, and the plastic screw on front section came off in the trailer 12V socket. Blew the fuse, which is a pain because making the bed permanent makes it difficult to crawl under to get at the fuse panel.

After that I headed back to the Big Tent for a second pass. I bought a Dutch Oven lid lifter, and picked up lots of free stuff. I stopped at the Verizon booth to see if they had a better data service deal than the one I'm currently on, but they are still about $50.00 over what I'm paying for my 20GB of data, although if I went with their newer service, I'd be able to add a phone. Since data keeps dropping in price, I will wait until their new products get closer to what I'm paying.

I talked to Don & Anne, friends from Binghamton, NY, my son in Oswego where it is warmer than here in Quartzsite, and my brother in Nantucket, MA. While construction is brisk on the island, my brother's boss isn't getting much work so David, who is a cabinet maker, may have to start looking else where.

After that we stood around looking at Dave's new air conditioner (he now has the record for spending the most money at the big tent) and chatting. I took a break to make dinner, which was a turkey sandwich (the chicken thigh didn't defrost) and pickled beets. We chatted a bit more after dinner, but the cold drove us inside.

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