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Day 69

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Saturday, January 7, 2017, Imperial Dam, CA, Day 8, 0 Miles, 3,923.7 Miles For the Trip

Another day without photographs. Last night a little after dark a class A pulling a trailer pulled into the section I'm staying in. I met them this morning; a couple from Quebec. We talked for a bit, although my French is non existent, and their English is a bit rough.

After breakfast & some reading I headed back to Yuma to do laundry. I was hoping to make it back to Quartzsite before I needed to do it, but was down to my last pair of underwear (I know, too much information!) Probably a good idea since it was much cheaper than Quartzsite. I also stopped at Fry's for some bleach & paper towels, and found they had turkey Bubba Burgers. The only problem is when I tried to fit them in the freezer, I had to take out the pint of ice cream. As long as I had to eat that, I made a large lunch so dinner will be something simple.

I Facetimed Don & Anne in Binghamton and gloated a bit about the weather. While a bit cool at 60°F today & 47°F last night, last night's temperature was 20 degrees warmer than their high today. I did discover that one propane tank is empty, but it must have just switched, so I can wait until I get back to Quartzsite & avoid paying $2.99 a gallon.

Until Tomorrow -


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