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Day 55

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Saturday, December 24, 2016, La Posa West, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 7, 0 Miles, 3,855.7 Miles For the Trip

Another miserable day in Quartzsite! Of course, I could be having a miserable day in my home town of Oswego, NY, where it is 10°F cooler & going down to below freezing tonight, and still has snow on the ground, but at least there it isn't raining. Here we had heavy rain most of the morning, with gradual clearing during the day. Right now, at 3:00 it is partly cloudy. Hopefully, there will be enough sun for the rest of the day to put something back into the batteries.

A Filled Wash

After breakfast I took a photo out the front window of the trailer to show one of the smaller washes just behind the trailer. Most of the time it is dry, but this morning it has a foot of water in it. By this afternoon, it just has a few puddles.

I drove to the Roadrunner Market, mostly for something to do, but also to pick up some oatmeal cookies & a gallon of water. While I have plenty of water in the trailer's fresh water tank, I try not to use it for drinking or cooking. It has gotten a bit musty smelling, While I have a separate filtered water faucet on my sink, I still prefer bottled water for coffee, etc.

While at the Roadrunner Market I notice that there weren't many cars in the laundromat parking lot across the street, so I drove back to the trailer, loaded up the laundry basket, grabbed my shaving kit (they have showers at the laundromat) and headed back. Well, the reason there weren't many cars in the lot is it was closed! Now I know I should have driven into the place to check, but logic says if there are SOME cars, it should be open - no cars, closed. So much for logic. Anyhow, a basket of laundry is now sitting in the back seat of the truck, waiting until Monday.

Back at the trailer I made the bed, and sat around reading, inside - the temperature spent most of the day at 51°F, a little too cold to sit outside even though the rain has stopped. Besides, it is windy, and most of the area around the trailer is a bit muddy. The truck made trenches backing into the area in front of the trailer.

I called the nearest Rite-Aid, which is in Blythe, CA (about 20 miles from here) to get refills on my prescriptions. One of the reasons I switched from a local pharmacy (Kinney's) in Oswego that I liked was the difficulty in getting prescriptions transferred while on the road. Since there are Rite-Aids in most states (except Texas & Arizona) and two of them in my home town, I switched to them. The Blythe Rite-Aid had no problem finding my prescriptions, checked with my insurance, & they will be ready on Monday. I spent the last couple of years juggling around the 90 day refill dates so that they would all come due on the same day, making it easier to pick them up when the nearest drug store is 20 - 30 miles away. Unfortunately, that doesn't work with my eye drops since they don't do 90 day refills. I suspect the drug companies purposely choose the size of the bottle of drops to require more frequent refills to sell more product - there is no reason they couldn't make a 90 day supply. Enough whining!

If the weather holds & the wind dies down, dinner will be the last of my frozen chicken thighs, snap peas, & rice.

Until Tomorrow -


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