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Day 47

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Friday, December 16, 2016, Lost Dutchman State Park, Apache Junction, AZ, Day 2, 0 Miles, 3,678.7 Miles For the Trip

It rained lightly overnight, just enough to wet the pavement. It cleared up around 10:00 when I moved 100' to the new site. I'm now in site 20 until tomorrow. Not as nice a view, but it was available. After setting up, I made a run to the Apache Junction Walmart for some supplies. Back at the campground I set up a Hummingbird feeder & while reading, took a few photos. I also took a couple of photos of some other birds, including a bi plane that looked like it was going to fly into the mountains. (it didn't).

Mobile Event Photo Bi Plane & Mountain Bi Plane & Mountain Not Sure - Verdin?
Hummingbird at the Feeder Hummingbird Cactus Wren Site 20
After Dark Towards Apache Junction      

The folks in the site next to me are retired from Idaho, and run a business taking photos and printing them, mostly of car shows. They got tired of just traveling after retirement, so started the business.

The next project was to replace the anode in my water heater. The hot water was getting "Funky" (a technical term). While I don't use it for cooking or drinking, I do use it to wash dishes, and in my water pik. So, as long as I was draining the tank to flush it out, I replaced the 3 year old anode. It was tough getting it threaded back in - at home I have a small wire brush to clean up the threads, but not here. I used the "stack of quarters" trick in the socket to put direct pressure on the drain bolt & it worked. We will see if the bad smell has been fixed.

I had a bit of a scare when I hauled out the D700 for a wide photo (I had the 80 - 400mm lens on the D800). Pushed the shutter & it fired about 20 shots in rapid fire (even though it was set for single shot), flashed "P err", and wouldn't turn off. I took out the battery, let it set for awhile, fired it up & formatted the card & it started working again. I hate when something like that happens since I can no longer depend on the camera until I've used it for awhile.

Dinner was a grilled Bubba Burger, snap peas, & a salad.

I waited until dark, then headed out to see if there were any stars. Well, I'm pretty sure they are still there, but the clouds have covered most of them. I did aim the D700 towards Apache Junction & shot a f: 5.6 @ 20 seconds (ISO of 200) image using the city lights & the end of the sunset plus a bit of fill light from a flashlight on the foreground. A little different, but interesting. It was dark enough that I had to use a flashlight to see the settings on the lens. I do love the long exposure capabilities of the D700. Probably would have been better if I Photoshoped out the hummingbird feeder!

Until Tomorrow -


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