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Wednesday, May 28, 2014, Sun Lakes Park Resort (Dry Falls State Park), Coulee City, WA - 7.5 miles, 9246.4 For the Trip

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Today might be the record for the shortest move. I still can't understand Washington State Parks. In the case of Dry Falls, the state does not operate the RV park - Sun Lakes Park Resort, Inc leases the property from the state & runs the campground. Usually, that results in more expensive camping, but in this case full hookups are $26.00 per day, a little more than half of what the state would charge.

I even got one day at a 25% discount for booking on one side of the weekend (Thursday). I'm here for 4 days. They have 3 levels of sites - Standard, Premium, and Premium Plus @ $26.00, $28,00 & $30.00 for the off season rate. Not sure when the season starts, but we are currently off season. In season rates are $37.00, $41.00 & $43.00. I don't see much of a difference between the sites, but some of the Premium Plus are end of row sites that have more room. I have full hookups and a concrete pad which is too far forward to be of much use. Very clean restrooms, however like most of Washington State's campgrounds, public or private, pay showers (although only a quarter for 5 minutes). They are interesting in that they provide cold water without paying & when your 5 minutes run out you better shut it off quickly or get doused with cold water!

Sunset at Coulee City
Sunset at Coulee City
Site 43, Sun Lakes Park Resort

I took a couple of photos of last night's sunset over the Banks Lake behind the campground. Other than that the only photo is the site one here at Sun Lakes.

It was cloudy, with rain off & on today. It did stop long enough that I could cook a steak for dinner, which I had with a salad.

Until tomorrow -

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