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Day 21

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013, Sunset Isle Campground, Cedar Key, FL - 45.8 miles, 2114.6 For the Trip

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Another short day with the drive from Manatee Springs to Cedar Key. Before leaving, I stopped by the spring for a couple of morning shots. You can use the third one for a "Count How Many" photo at a tree full of vultures. Here at Sunset Isle I'm in site 46, a full hookup site for $31.39. While more than last night, not too bad. The park is a bit crowded, but nice bathrooms, a Cafe that serves 3 meals a day, movies in the rec room, etc. I met a couple from Ithaca, NY that have been here for a couple of days.

After setting up the trailer I went into town to take some photos, see the Cedar Key Historical Museum, and have a late lunch at Tony's. It was suggested (all right, I'll be honest - threatened if I didn't) by a fellow camper a few stops back to try Tony's Clam Chowder. She was right; it was delicious! A bit spicier than my traditional New England Chowder, but excellent. The cheeseburger was only alright...

I walked around the town taking photographs, drove out to the airport for some views of some of the docks along the sound, and found a few birds to photograph. I hope I'm right on calling these white birds Egrets. The sign at one of the docks didn't show a photo at an egret, but a White Ibis. Similar, but I think the bill is different. In any case, I'm no expert, so take the ID for what it is worth!

Manatee Springs
Manatee Springs
Count the Vultures!
The Suwannee River
The Cedar Key Historical Museum
Cedar Key
A Pelican
He Caught Something
A Bird
A New Dock
An Old Dock
A Pelican

After the big lunch, I'm just going to snack for dinner. Probably some cheese and crackers after sunset. I'm going to try for some "Sunset on the bay" photos, assuming it doesn't cloud over.

Till Tomorrow -

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